Aulani Brand Refresh

Aulani Resort was in the process of developing a new brand campaign and wanted to update its visuals to feel more premium while maintaining the integrity of its brand identity.

Beginning with the logo. 
Our main goal for the logo was to make it more social friendly. That meant bolder and simpler. The original logo arch was based off of a traditional Hawaiian canoe house, so we selected a related source of inspiration for the new logo: a traditional Hawaiian canoe paddle.
The updated the color palette was inspired by the traditional murals found in the hotel Lobby.
We designed a new direct mail piece that utilized a modular grid so that the piece could serve as a template for future tactics.
For legibility and best practice, we developed a new modular email template that reduced the amount of copy
project details
Client  //  Aulani Resort & Spa
Year  //  2018
Art Direction  //  Natalie Krakirian
Copywriting  //  John Axtell
Supervising Creative Direction  //  Marc Brugnoni
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