Mercedes Mitchell
Early Adopter   _   20y.o.   _   LA, CA   _  Aspiring Actress/Model
Mercedes Mitchell just moved out to LA this past year.  She's lived a very comfortable life and is having to support herself for the first time ever. To make some extra money on top of her acting & modeling jobs she's taken up a fashion/lifestyle/beauty blog. 
To keep her blog content fresh she likes to go shopping regularly, find new things to do in LA (gotta have it for the insta), and set aside a chunk of time to plan a few weeks worth of post topics all at once (cafe sesh anyone?). 
Her fiance Jag is a photographer, so her takes all of the photos for the blog. They just 'purchased' a loft in the Arts District (her parents paid the 50% downpayment), and work side by side on making their chic dream home a reality. But it's tough because between the two of them, they're making around 120k... which just barely covers their $5000 monthly payment.
Leigh Owt
Innovator   _   24y.o.   _   Los Feliz, CA   _   Interior Designer / Crafter
Leigh is a freelance interior designer who is constantly keeping updated with the latest trends and doing some kind of DIY craft to update her house. She's very active on social media and has a huge following on Instagram and Pinterest. She lives in a house with 5 of her friends and is currently saving up to purchase a home of her own.
Ida liez
Early Majority   _   16y.o.   _  Burbank, CA   _   H.S. Student
Ida follows Mercedes on social media and is a huge fan. She likes to spend time with her friends going places around Los Angeles­­ and always makes sure to post it on her Insta story. She works part time at an Anthropology so that she has some pocket change to spend when she's out with her friends.
nick o'thyme
Late Majority   _   26y.o.   _  Westwood, CA   _   College Student
Nick's majoring in business economics at UCLA. He's frugal because he has to be. He knows what it's like to not have financial security and he decided his best shot at securing a comfortable future is by going to school at UCLA (even if that means he had to take out some student loans to get there). Only problem is that he's not sure if business economics is what he wants to do for the rest of his life. What he really wants is to become a musician. But the chances of making that work are slim to none (not that he lets that stop him from playing whenever he has the chance).
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