Find Your Core

No matter how you do wellness, Core water is there to help you find your balance and find your 'core'.

Life isn't a fitness commercial, and it doesn't have to be. No matter how you get wellness into your life—whether it's running a marathon or running late to an online yoga class—Core Hydration is there for it.​​​​​​​
Hardcore, easycore, cottagecore, combatcore. Whatever “core” subculture you belong to, our water will keep you hydrated. With this campaign, we embraced ALL the ways you do wellness.​​​​​​​
To come  up with a buzz worthy, big idea as an extension of the previous year's creative platform 'I'mperfection' for their active trendsetters target. To show that Core water is a partner in their physical and emotional wellness journey.
The I'mperfection campaign was focused on finding balance in your life, and knowing that being imperfect can be perfect for you as long as you're trying.
(we also got brownie points for how often the brand name was mentioned)
To bring the idea to life we partnered with A-list celebrity Hailee Steinfeld. She brought a relatable charm to the campaign that let us push the look to a premium yet approachable space.
For Tik Tok, we captured BTS footage and played off of existing trends to ensure that the creative felt authentic to the platform.
We also captured quality stills of Hailee with the product in hand that were used across all static tactics as well as POS designs.
We also created a stream of content that was product-focused to get ready for the larger campaign launch.
Project Details
Client  //  Core Hydration
Agency  //  Liquid Sunshine
Year  //  2022

CCO  //  Darren Moran
ECD  //  Yo Umeda
ACD ( Copy )  //  Stephie Coplan
Sr. Art Direction & Design  //  Natalie Krakirian (that's me)
Art Direction  //  Arthur Amiune
Director  //  Ben Steigler Levine
Still Photography  //  Justin Bettman
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