Give the Biggest Gift of All

During the holiday season, people get into repetitive cycles, stressing about the same things and even giving the same gifts. This year, Adventures by Disney wanted to break that cycle: by encouraging people to give a different kind of gift.

When you gift... Adventures by Disney vacation, you're really wrapping a new culture, a new memory, a new experience for the people you love. You're giving them the biggest gift of all. You’re giving them the world.
The Lockup
The lockup depicted popular Adventures by Disney trips from around the world and drew inspiration from the façade of an iconic Disney experience—"it's a small world". The ribbon that sits atop the Eiffel Tower was used as an overlay to visualize the concept of giving these unwrappable gifts.
By animating the ribbon element overtop of our footage and social tactics we were able to not only wrap up and tie together tactics, but also give established assets new life.
Project Details
Client  //  Adventures by Disney
Year  //  2019
Art Direction  //  Natalie Krakirian (that's me)
Copywriting  //  John Axtell
Design   //  Unitha Ramirez
Animation   //  Lobo

Supervising Creative Direction  //  Carol Saraiva
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