Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

On May 31, 2019, fans of all ages flocked to the Disneyland Resort: to finally live out their own Star Wars adventures.

Out Of Home
Simply put, Star Wars fans have always wanted to experience the fictional universe for themselves. The final piece of key art showed exactly how fans could live their adventure, featuring iconic Star Wars elements and showcasing the landscape of the new area.
The Photoshoot
Our photography unit was small, but mighty. We knew that we wanted to capture our talent in a manner that conveyed joy, awe, and empowerment. Below are just a handful of the shots we captured.
Project Details
Client  //  Disneyland Resort
Year  //  2018
Art Direction  //  Natalie Krakirian (that's me)
Copywriting  //  John Axtell 
Supervising Creative Direction  //  Hill Cheuk & Brian Miller
Photography  // Chloe Rice
Digitech  // Matt Stroup
Lighting  // Mikey Santillan & Hunter Zieske

Production  // J Williams
Photo Retouching  // Dathan Shore & Peter Williamson
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