The Maruchan Anthem

We used the comments of real-life fans to craft a campaign (and an anthem) that shows how Maruchan is a slurp above the rest.

The average consumer thinks all instant ramen is the same, but our biggest fans know it’s not. In fact, they're so brand-loyal, they can't help but share their feelings about it. 

Let’s leverage Maruchan fan love to tell the story of why Maruchan is a step above the rest. And let’s do it through song. 
Develop a campaign aimed at educating U.S. consumers that not all instant ramen is the same.

The client expressed interest in creating a sonic logo for the brand and exploring a small in-person sampling experience.​​​​​​​
How we got there.
We meant it when we said that the anthem was inspired by fans. And while we already had some truly fan-tastic comments that could fuel the Maruchan Anthem, we wanted to collect even more inspiring responses.
So in phase one of the campaign, we launched a series of social executions that focused on getting the most interesting responses from fans as possible. We also reached out to influencers who were both musicians AND foodies.
Bringing it to life.
Phase two marked the creation portion of the campaign, where we put all the puzzle pieces together. What we came out with was a rockin' anthem, a 30-second spot, influencer kits, and three block-party pop-ups to kick off the release of the anthem
Extending the work.
To wrap it all up, we put together social cutdowns of the spot, partnered with more influencers, and launched paid assets that highlighted the heart of the campaign—the fans.
Project Details
Client  //  Maruchan Inc.
Agency  //  AMP
Year  //  2023

Supervising Creative Direction  //  John DeGray
Account Management  //  Kate Smith

Art Direction  //  Natalie Krakirian
Copy  //  Jesse Rice
Design  //  Cathryn Racelis & Cameron Farthing
Agency Producer  //  Juliana Hong
Director  //  Ben Hansford
Production Company  //  Ghost Productions
Music House  //  BMM Networks
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