Japan Itinerary Launch

Adventures by Disney was announcing its new itinerary—a journey through Japan. The brand needed a campaign that showed guests it would be there to help them understand and immerse themselves in the island-nation's rich culture & traditions.​​​​​​​

The two lead videos told a clear linear story and custom music was scored to the pieces, music that melded uplifting indie music with authentic Japanese instruments. In the end, we created a new genre
Adventures by Disney's brand promise states that it will guide guests through culturally immersive, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. To convey this message in a slightly less overt way, each video ends by translating the brand's tagline at the time—"Let's Adventure Together" —from Japanese characters to English

In addition to the long-format videos, we produced short-format content that was used throughout social. We composed custom haikus that communicated the past of Japan and the benefits of an Adventures by Disney trip in just 17 syllables. These worked as an extension of our long-form content and gave greater context to those who may not be familiar with the traditions and customs of Japan
We extended the haiku approach to the static Pinterest content by utilizing the common vertical typographic layout of authentic Japanese Haiku posters
The campaign led to an outstanding response from both past and future adventurers. The launch day was one of the best days Adventures by Disney ever had—surpassing all projected booking estimates. In fact, there were twice as many calls as the 2017 itinerary launch and the company needed to add additional trip dates in order to keep up with the demand.
Project Details
Client  //  Adventures by Disney
Year  //  2018
Art Direction  //  Natalie Krakirian
Copywriting  //  John Axtell
Editing  //  Nelson Mustain
Supervising Creative Direction  //  Marc Brugnoni
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